Project Management

Agile Horizons is a United Kingdom based project management consultancy specialising in the delivery of large complex software projects. Our solutions drive business change and competitive advantage. Managing risk through frequent delivery, and shaping a lean and lightening delivery approach in the modern age of the mobile Internet.


Minimal amount of project management discipline and structure to ensure project delivery. Anything more wastes resources and squanders project time. Bloated traditional project management methodologies and tools frequently become an end in themselves - "the tail wagging the dog".

A lean approach will support unleashing your most important asset driving project success - inspired and creative people.


Mitigating risk early and often in complex projects through inspect and adapt mechanisms. Delivering business software in incremental iterations to progressively elaborate business value.

Injecting pace and energy; inspiring teams rather than creating a project management paper mountain.

All consultants are Certified ScrumMasters with years of experience delivering strategic software projects across a broad range of industry sectors.


Designing a project management framework that best fits our client's unique business model and project differentiators - unique business requirements, culture and technology.

The project management approach is fundamentally a problem solving journey and we provide project managers who are leaders; passionate about project outcomes, their customer's business; and who are persistent, and determined until project success is won.